Sunday, February 01, 2004

Ride' em Cowboy

We visited the babies tonight but didn't bother them very much. Their nurse said they had been very restless earlier, so we left them alone. She thinks Hank will either be a diver or a rodeo cowboy. He scoots and bucks until his head is at the very top of his bed, and he's completely out of all his little bundlings. He looks as if he is about to dive right out of his bed. His nurse from the other night has nicknamed him Houdini, because he wiggles his nose until he gets his nasal prongs out. So little and such personality, already! He & his dad watched their first Super Bowl together tonight (they had it on the NICU tv). Even though Hank slept through it, we're still going to count it as his first game with his dad. Hayden was her sweet little self while we were there--sleeping under her pink blankie we received from the Monsours (thanks y'all--Hank loves his, too!). They are both still off the vents and continue to amaze us. Thanks to all our prayer warriors out there--we are so very grateful.

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