Sunday, February 08, 2004

Tiny set-backs

Today Grandma & Granddaddy Harrison went with us to see H & H. Both babies are up to 2 lbs. Now, that could change since they go up and down so often, but we're still excited about it. They have increased Hayden's feedings to 5cc an hour and Hank gets 18cc every 3 hours. No wonder they're growing! Hayden has joined her brother back on CPAP, so we were unable to hold her today. She had a few apnea spells last night and her heart rate had dropped, so they decided to help her out a little with the CPAP. Everything else pretty much remains the same. H & H are beginning to get Valentine presents from folks, since this is their first holiday... how fun! I guess I'll have to eat all the candy (darn). Everybody, have a great week. Thanks for everything!

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