Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Oh Happy Day!!!

We got to hold our babies today!!! I can't tell you how excited this momma wonderful to finally love on my babies! I actually only held Hayden, and Jay held Hank, but it was still amazing. We'll switch tomorrow, and I'll hold Hank while Jay holds Hayden. We just didn't want to over-stimulate them. Hayden was awake the entire time I held her, and she looked into my eyes the whole time. I'm sure she couldn't really see me, but I'm going to pretend she could--makes me feel better! I told them about the moo cows we saw on our way to Jackson and the green grass and the blue sky, the white clouds, the yellow sun... I know they thought they were already in school... Gotta start making them smart sometime! I'm on Cloud 9 and probably won't be able to sleep tonight knowing what's in store for tomorrow! Until then, please keep us in your prayers--that we'll have many more days like today. Also, Hank has another head scan tomorrow, and we pray that it brings good news! Check out the photo gallery by clicking the link at the bottom of this page for some more pics of the babies... Enjoy!

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