Monday, February 02, 2004

Still off the vents...

We are getting used to these boring days and pray they stay this way. We visited the babies this afternoon, and they are still doing well. Hank's feedings have increased to 9cc, and Hayden is getting 2cc. Both were resting very well while we were there. They took Hayden off of her CPAP today to try to see if she would breathe with just a nasal cannula, but she only lasted 30 minutes. So, they put the CPAP back on, and she did fine. This marks Day 5 of their being off the vents, and I'm surprised they're still doing well. I'm sure we owe it all to you and your prayers. We are witnessing little miracles right before our very eyes, and we are so amazed. Keep praying for more boring days and for Hank's brain bleed to be resolved. The Man upstairs is definitely listening!

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