Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Houdini Hank

Both babies are doing great today. The pediatric surgeon made an incision in Hayden's latest bump, got a lot of stuff out of it, and they'll pack it until it heals, just like the previous bump. She is handling it fine and was sleeping soundly when we visited tonight. We were under the assumption that Hank had been being a really sweet boy, but he turned back into the wild man today. His nurse went to check on him, and he had gotten completely out of his snuggly wrappings, turned perpendicular in his bed, and scooted all the way to the edge like he was going to come out of the port holes on the side of his bed. Where he gets the strength and energy when he's so tiny is beyond me! They did his head scan today, and we should know something tomorrow. I'll be visiting them in the morning after my checkup, so I should have an afternoon update for the site. Y'all keep on praying--they wouldn't be where they are without you!

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